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QextSerialPort Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Stefan Sander
A cross-platform serial port class. This class encapsulates a serial port on both POSIX and Windows systems. The user will be notified of errors and possible portability conflicts at run-time by default - this behavior can be turned off by defining _TTY_NOWARN_ (to turn off all warnings) or _TTY_NOWARN_PORT_ (to turn off portability warnings) in the project.

On Windows NT/2000/XP this class uses Win32 serial port functions by default. The user may select POSIX behavior under NT, 2000, or XP ONLY by defining _TTY_POSIX_ in the project. I can make no guarantees as to the quality of POSIX support under NT/2000 however.

Definition at line 16 of file qextserialport.h.

Public Member Functions

QextSerialPortoperator= (const QextSerialPort &)
 QextSerialPort (const QextSerialPort &s)
 QextSerialPort (const QString &name, PortSettings const &s)
 QextSerialPort (PortSettings const &s)
 QextSerialPort (const QString &name)
 QextSerialPort ()
virtual ~QextSerialPort ()

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