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Win_QextSerialPort Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Stefan Sander
A cross-platform serial port class. This class encapsulates the Windows portion of QextSerialPort. The user will be notified of errors and possible portability conflicts at run-time by default - this behavior can be turned off by defining _TTY_NOWARN_ (to turn off all warnings) or _TTY_NOWARN_PORT_ (to turn off portability warnings) in the project. Note that defining _TTY_NOWARN_ also defines _TTY_NOWARN_PORT_.

On Windows NT/2000/XP this class uses Win32 serial port functions by default. The user may select POSIX behavior under NT, 2000, or XP ONLY by defining _TTY_POSIX_ in the project. I can make no guarantees as to the quality of POSIX support under NT/2000 however.

Definition at line 13 of file win_qextserialport.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual bool atEnd () const
virtual BaudRateType baudRate () const
virtual qint64 bytesAvailable ()
virtual void close ()
virtual void construct ()
virtual DataBitsType dataBits () const
virtual FlowType flowControl () const
virtual void flush ()
virtual bool isSequential () const
virtual ulong lastError () const
virtual ulong lineStatus (void)
virtual bool open (OpenMode mode=0)
Win_QextSerialPortoperator= (const Win_QextSerialPort &s)
virtual ParityType parity () const
virtual QString portName () const
virtual qint64 readLine (char *data, qint64 maxSize)
virtual void setBaudRate (BaudRateType)
virtual void setDataBits (DataBitsType)
virtual void setDtr (bool set=true)
virtual void setFlowControl (FlowType)
virtual void setParity (ParityType)
virtual void setPortName (const QString &name)
virtual void setRts (bool set=true)
virtual void setStopBits (StopBitsType)
virtual void setTimeout (ulong, ulong)
virtual qint64 size () const
virtual StopBitsType stopBits () const
virtual void translateError (ulong)
virtual void ungetChar (char c)
 Win_QextSerialPort (const QString &name, const PortSettings &settings)
 Win_QextSerialPort (const PortSettings &settings)
 Win_QextSerialPort (const QString &name)
 Win_QextSerialPort (Win_QextSerialPort const &s)
 Win_QextSerialPort ()
virtual ~Win_QextSerialPort ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual qint64 readData (char *data, qint64 maxSize)
virtual qint64 writeData (const char *data, qint64 maxSize)

Protected Attributes

ulong lastErr
QString port
PortSettings Settings
HANDLE Win_Handle

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