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qmapcontrol::GeometryLayer Class Reference

#include <geometrylayer.h>

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Detailed Description

GeometryLayer class.

There are two different layer types:

MapLayers also can display Geometry objects. The difference to the GeometryLayer is the repainting. Objects that are added to a MapLayer are "baken" on the map. This means, when you change it´s position for example the changes are not visible until a new offscreen image has been drawn. If you have "static" Geometries which won´t change their position this is fine. But if you want to change the objects position or pen you should use a GeometryLayer. Those are repainted immediately on changes.

Kai Winter <kaiwinter@gmx.de>

Definition at line 47 of file geometrylayer.h.

Public Types

enum  LayerType { MapLayer, GeometryLayer }
 sets the type of a layer, see Layer class doc for further information More...

Public Slots

void setVisible (bool visible)
 if visible is true, the layer is made visible


void geometryClicked (Geometry *geometry, QPoint point)
 This signal is emitted when a Geometry is clicked.
void updateRequest ()
void updateRequest (QRectF rect)

Public Member Functions

void addGeometry (Geometry *geometry)
 adds a Geometry object to this Layer
void clearGeometries ()
 removes all Geometry objects from this Layer
 GeometryLayer (QString layername, MapAdapter *mapadapter, bool takeevents=true)
 GeometryLayer constructor.
bool isVisible () const
 return true if the layer is visible
QString layername () const
 returns the layer's name
Layer::LayerType layertype () const
 returns the LayerType of the Layer
const MapAdaptermapadapter () const
 returns the layer´s MapAdapter
void removeGeometry (Geometry *geometry)
 removes the Geometry object from this Layer
void setMapAdapter (MapAdapter *mapadapter)


class LayerManager

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