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qmapcontrol::MapAdapter Class Reference

#include <mapadapter.h>

Inheritance diagram for qmapcontrol::MapAdapter:

qmapcontrol::GoogleSatMapAdapter qmapcontrol::TileMapAdapter qmapcontrol::WMSMapAdapter qmapcontrol::GoogleMapAdapter qmapcontrol::OpenAerialMapAdapter qmapcontrol::OSMMapAdapter qmapcontrol::YahooMapAdapter

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Detailed Description

Used to fit map servers into QMapControl.

MapAdapters are needed to convert between world- and display coordinates. This calculations depend on the used map projection. There are two ready-made MapAdapters:

MapAdapters are also needed to form the HTTP-Queries to load the map tiles. The maps from WMS Servers are also divided into tiles, because those can be better cached.

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Kai Winter <kaiwinter@gmx.de>

Definition at line 54 of file mapadapter.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual int adaptedZoom () const
virtual QPoint coordinateToDisplay (const QPointF &coordinate) const =0
 translates a world coordinate to display coordinate
int currentZoom () const
 returns the current zoom
virtual QPointF displayToCoordinate (const QPoint &point) const =0
 translates display coordinate to world coordinate
QString host () const
 returns the host of this MapAdapter
int maxZoom () const
 returns the max zoom value
int minZoom () const
 returns the min zoom value
int tilesize () const
 returns the size of the tiles

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool isValid (int x, int y, int z) const =0
 MapAdapter (const QString &host, const QString &serverPath, int tilesize, int minZoom=0, int maxZoom=0)
virtual QString query (int x, int y, int z) const =0
virtual void zoom_in ()=0
virtual void zoom_out ()=0

Protected Attributes

int current_zoom
QLocale loc
int max_zoom
int middle_x
int middle_y
int min_zoom
QString myhost
int mytilesize
qreal numberOfTiles
int order [3][2]
int param1
int param2
int param3
int param4
int param5
int param6
QString serverPath
QSize size
QString sub1
QString sub2
QString sub3
QString sub4
QString sub5
QString sub6


class Layer

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