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qmapcontrol::MapLayer Class Reference

#include <maplayer.h>

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Detailed Description

MapLayer class.

There are two different layer types:

MapLayers also can display Geometry objects. The difference to the GeometryLayer is the repainting. Objects that are added to a MapLayer are "baken" on the map. This means, when you change it´s position for example the changes are not visible until a new offscreen image has been drawn. If you have "static" Geometries which won´t change their position this is fine. But if you want to change the objects position or pen you should use a GeometryLayer. Those are repainted immediately on changes.

Kai Winter <kaiwinter@gmx.de>

Definition at line 47 of file maplayer.h.

Public Types

enum  LayerType { MapLayer, GeometryLayer }
 sets the type of a layer, see Layer class doc for further information More...

Public Slots

void setVisible (bool visible)
 if visible is true, the layer is made visible


void geometryClicked (Geometry *geometry, QPoint point)
 This signal is emitted when a Geometry is clicked.
void updateRequest ()
void updateRequest (QRectF rect)

Public Member Functions

void addGeometry (Geometry *geometry)
 adds a Geometry object to this Layer
void clearGeometries ()
 removes all Geometry objects from this Layer
bool isVisible () const
 return true if the layer is visible
QString layername () const
 returns the layer's name
Layer::LayerType layertype () const
 returns the LayerType of the Layer
const MapAdaptermapadapter () const
 returns the layer´s MapAdapter
 MapLayer (QString layername, MapAdapter *mapadapter, bool takeevents=true)
 MapLayer constructor.
void removeGeometry (Geometry *geometry)
 removes the Geometry object from this Layer
void setMapAdapter (MapAdapter *mapadapter)


class LayerManager

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