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bool qmapcontrol::Point::Touches ( Point geom,
const MapAdapter mapadapter 
) [protected, virtual]

returns true if the given Point touches this Point

The collision detection checks for the bounding rectangulars.

geom the other point which should be tested on collision
mapadapter the mapadapter which is used for calculations

Implements qmapcontrol::Geometry.

Definition at line 231 of file point.cpp.

References BottomLeft, BottomRight, coordinate(), qmapcontrol::MapAdapter::coordinateToDisplay(), qmapcontrol::MapAdapter::displayToCoordinate(), qmapcontrol::Geometry::geometryClicked(), qmapcontrol::Geometry::isVisible(), latitude(), longitude(), Middle, TopLeft, and TopRight.

        if (this->isVisible() == false)
            return false;
        if (mypixmap == 0)
            return false;

        QPointF c = p->coordinate();
        // coordinate to pixel
        QPoint pxOfPoint = mapadapter->coordinateToDisplay(c);
        // size/2 Pixel toleranz aufaddieren
        QPoint p1;
        QPoint p2;

        switch (myalignment)
                        case Middle:
            p1 = pxOfPoint - QPoint(displaysize.width()/2,displaysize.height()/2);
            p2 = pxOfPoint + QPoint(displaysize.width()/2,displaysize.height()/2);
                        case TopLeft:
            p1 = pxOfPoint - QPoint(displaysize.width(),displaysize.height());
            p2 = pxOfPoint;
                        case TopRight:
            p1 = pxOfPoint - QPoint(0, displaysize.height());
            p2 = pxOfPoint + QPoint(displaysize.width(),0);
                        case BottomLeft:
            p1 = pxOfPoint - QPoint(displaysize.width(), 0);
            p2 = pxOfPoint + QPoint(0, displaysize.height());
                        case BottomRight:
            p1 = pxOfPoint;
            p2 = pxOfPoint + QPoint(displaysize.width(), displaysize.height());

        // calculate "Bounding Box" in coordinates
        QPointF c1 = mapadapter->displayToCoordinate(p1);
        QPointF c2 = mapadapter->displayToCoordinate(p2);

        if(this->longitude()>=c1.x() && this->longitude()<=c2.x())
            if (this->latitude()<=c1.y() && this->latitude()>=c2.y())
                emit(geometryClicked(this, QPoint(0,0)));
                return true;
        return false;

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